Zac Efron New Tattoos

Zac Efron New Tattoos
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I like Zac because he’s talented on singing and acting both. There are lots of examples about talent on Hollywood. They are great on signing but nothing on acting. But he made a great achievement since High School Musical. He has a wide genre from 17 again to Me and Orson Welles. I know lots of Zac fans following him since E.R period.

Zac Efron is also famous for his good body and tattoos. He gets so many tattoos that fans are hard to follow him. He mostly shows his new tattoos on premieres of his new movies. His tattoo on hand is seen on his “New Year’s Eve” movie’s Japan gala first. It’s written “YOLO” on it and there were lots of discussings about its meaning. At last, a friend of him explained it as “You only live once“. It’s the life mantra of Zac Efron. Magazines wrote that her girlfriend Ashley Tisdale wanted it. But he refused this claim with a picture of them on a hotel room with a tweet that “So happy to have amazing friends in my life! #blessed” but bed on the background with roses on it explained some about their relationship.

zac efron tattoo
zac efron yolo tattoo

Another tattoo of Zac Efron is feathers on his arm. Fans firstly saw this tattoo on Men’s Health Magazine’s cover. There was a picture of him lying on a bed while getting tattoo but there was no sign about tattoo’s style. He didn’t explain the meaning of his tattoo but magazines wrote lots of things about it. Most explaining one is that Zac Efron is strong with his muscled arms but he’s not using them for fight. He’s using them for peace. Fans thought that tattoo is for Taylor Swift but then it’s believed that tattoo is for Lily Collins.

zac efron arm tattoo
zac efron new tattoo

There are also hidden tattoos of Zac Efron. Fans know these tattoos with the old photos of him. One of these tattoos is a colorful angel on his back. Another tattoo is a smiling Indian on his arm but there’s no sign of it now.

zac efron the lucky one tattoo

Zac Efron fans want a new tattoo. But it’s known that Zac Efron gets his tattoos mostly for his girlfriend’s desire. But he has no girlfriend now. He may also wait some for new tattoos because he wants important and serious roles in 2013 and productors don’t like young boys with strange tattoos. He may get some new serious tattoos for his new role in 2013.

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