Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes
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I’m so excited today because I will write about Yves Saint Laurent’s new shoes collection. It’s easier to say that YSL’s Pre-Fall 2012 shoes are what a woman really wants for all her life. So modern figures, so modern color palette and so modern details are really hard to find. It’s possible to say that Yves Saint Laurent shoes are not for matching with dresses. Dresses are for matching with Yves Saint Laurent shoes. All shoes are unique and they are hard to choose. Ok girls, I’m starting now deep review, are you ready?

ysl high heel sandals pre-fall 2012

I decided to start with YSL’s high heel sandals. Black patent leather usage on high heel sandal shoes is not new but it hasn’t ever been so classy. Also suede high heel sandals are really great. These shoes are completing with good stiletto heels.

pumps of ysl pre-fall 2012 shoes

Pumps of Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes are another hit of year. Black suede outside and golden interior is making these shoes really out of standard. Also details are great. YSL chose covered heels for its pumps and it’s a really unique choice.

ysl flat shoes pre-fall 2012

Flats are what women like on recent years. YSL was some unanswered about flats but it’s now possible to see that YSL was waiting to create the best. From black suede formal flats to high-top sneaker flats, YSL hit the flat market.

ysl bootie pre-fall 2012

YSL surprised its fans with Pre-Fall 2012 boots. In boots collection, many of boots are unique on design but fans think they are hard to wear. But there are also black leather boots in collection and they are easy to find buyers. But it’s hard to say YSL’s new boots are for all women.

ysl boots trend for pre-fall 2012

Color palette of YSL in its new collection is half classic half modern. It’s possible to see classic black and brown. But also it’s possible to see modern glossy color palette especially in sandals.

ysl high heel thigh boots pre-fall 2012

YSL is known with creating fashion on shoes. New series are also serving to this idea. But they are not unique and hard to match like recent years. Rounds and figures are some lighted for easy matching because it was a real problem on 2010.

ysl clara high heel shoes 2012

I know you are curious about prices. Girls, it’s still not possible to but YSL shoes fewer than 500 euros and this is normal. I chose Clara bow high-heel with suede design and gold interior. Sure it’s a classic but I like it. Especially its gold inner heel is great.

Photo courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

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