War Fashion of 1940s

War Fashion of 1940s
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Welcome to 40s fashion. It was hard days, girls, you can ask to your grandfathers and grandmothers but I don’t think they will tell you. So the duty of telling is on me now. 40s was the decade of wars. Most important war of decade is definitely Second World War. Clash between West and Russia spread to whole world in a short period. War ended with atomic bombings to Japan. 40s war environment hit the fashion in the first period of decade but the second period of decade was the resurgence years of it. After sexy 30s, 40s was again soft wear’s years. “New Lookstyle of Christian Dior was the symbol of 40s fashion. Longer skirts and rounded shoulders lasted till 50s.
1940s fashion
1940s clothing
christian dior fashion of the 1940s

40s brought back the 1900s for women fashion. “Rosie the Riveter” poster as she says “We can do it” was the symbol of 40s women fashion and atmosphere. It was hard times because of war but women fashion found good ways for attuning to situation. Some feminine details and changes created a strange but looking strong fashion at all.

fashion in the 1940s

Governments were limiting the usage of cotton, nylon and wool usage in dresses. These limitations on fabrics made the coats more important than ever for women. Coats were hiding what is inside and looking fashionable. Knee-length coats was the symbol of 40s women. Warm material usage like wool became popular because it was hard to save from cold especially in blackout nights without any heating.

1940s fashion dresses

Rich women were ordering luxurious dresses but American brands were sending normal dresses with some little details on them.

Poor women were cutting their 30s long coats and it evolved than maxi miniskirts.

1940s maxi mini skirt fashion

Daily wear of 40s women was based on being relaxed and easy to run away. Because, it was gangster’s and burglar’s era especially in America. Light shoes like oxfords became popular. Also hosiery and nylon stockings were born. Nylon started to use on war equipment like parachutes. This overstock production made the nylon cheaper and women started to use it.

1940s fashion shoes
1940s fashion women

40s men fashion didn’t have lots of changes from 30s fashion. Main men fashion were military clothes and professional business wear. Governments limited to use fabrics so men’s cuffs, pockets and other details went away.

1940s mens fashion
1940s men clothes style

Limitations and other prohibits on men fashion created a fashion called “the zoot suit”. The zoot suit was born in Harlem nights. It was a antifashion at all with oversized jackets, pants and others. Men were wearing contrast ties to these white and black long dresses also. Zoot suit than became a symbol of protests and police started to take Zoot suit wearers to jail. Two zoot suited men were killed by police and it was the end of this fashion.

Mandy Lotman graduated from “Royal Academy of Fine Arts” of Antwerp, Belgium. She took design lessons from Dries Van Noten and Kris Van Assche. After working for magazines, she decided to be free and started to write on Fashionima.com. She will write about inside gossips of Fashion world and show hidden details on celebrity dresses.


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