Versace Fall 2012 Handbags

Versace Fall 2012 Handbags
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If you are a texture and detail maniac like me, you must already discover Versace fall 2012 handbags. If you still don’t discover, reading this article will help. I will talk about hidden details of Versace’s new handbags. If you are a Versace fan, you probably know brand loves to create complicated textures and some hidden textures inside them. Especially texture’s connection points are always pointed with new and futuristic details. In this unique new collection, it’s also possible to find influences from gothic and medieval designs. Versace Fall 2012 Handbags are a good mixture of futuristic design with medieval textures in luxury style.

versace handbags with a big cross

Versace’s surprises starts with big beaded crosses on dark pastel colors like red and black. They are giving the real feel of gothic times. But they are also catching the modernity with high yellow big zippers. Also contrast usage on crystals is creating an eye catching detail. There are two crossed models of Versace handbags with a big cross and various crosses.

versace fall 2012 handbags is chains

Another surprising gothic image on Versace Fall 2012 Handbags is chains. Old looking chains usage on these handbags is giving a good feel of old gothic times. Also V symbol handcuffed on chains is a good detail. Versace used bright pastel colors as fabric on these chained handbags so it’s easy to match them with modern and new dresses.

versace new handbag trends for fall 2012

Beaded angels are another symbol on new handbags of Versace. This model is looking like the special bag of a Gothic princess. Black color on fabric is also giving the scene from a gothic movie.

versace fall handbags 2012

Versace fall handbags are also new and unusual detailed models. One of them is Versace symbols out of order. This model is mostly for youth. It’s hard to match it for over 30. Versace was trying some models like this but it has never released. At last Versace released this out of order model.

versace handbag collection fall 2012

It’s also possible to find retro inspired models on collection. Especially dark and old type fabric usage is very rare but successful. Long handles are making these handbags easy to use for all classes of women. But it’s mostly for the class who likes quality but don’t like to show it.

versace handbags fashion fall 2012

In runway of these handbags, it was an easy to catch detail that all handbags of collection were full inside and models were carrying them hard. It was a symbol used for these handbags are not only luxury but also strong to carry all materials.

Photo courtesy of Versace

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