Vera Wang Inspiring Perfumes

Vera Wang Inspiring Perfumes
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Anybody doesn’t know Vera Wang? She’s working only for bridal gowns but she has legendary dresses on last 20 years. Today Vera Wang’s creations are unlimited from shoes to home goods. Vera Wang is also releasing perfumes since 2002. There are 14 Vera Wang perfumes that are selling on the market now. Wang mostly prefers floral tones but also use musky tones. Last perfume of Vera Wang is Princess Night and took good critics from smell authorities. Vera Wang’s most famous perfume series is Princess Series. Flower Princess, Glam Princess, Preppy Princess, Princess, Princess Night and Rock Princess are the perfumes of series. Vera Wang for women is the first perfume released by Vera Wang. Smell authorities and perfume fans like this smell with its cleaver and mandarin harmony. Vera Wang Inspiring Perfumes

vera wang perfumes

Princess Vera Wang for women

Princess series started with Princess Vera Wang for women in 2006. It was a sexy and playful smell that especially young women liked it very much. Water Lily’s sharp tone was the symbol of this legendary perfume.

vera wang princess perfume

After “Princess Vera Wang for women” success, Vera Wang released some Asian market limited perfumes like Flower Princess. Preppy Princess is the most popular smell of this series with its unique juicy tone.

vera wang bouquet perfume

Rock princess by Vera Wang

Rock princess by Vera Wang is caught a tone of more strong flowers. Cashmere Wood in the main tones is the symbol of this perfume.

vera wang rock princess perfume

Look Vera Wang for women is maybe not a legendary perfume but it’s a concept with its glass and advertisement work.

Bouquet Vera Wang for women

Bouquet Vera Wang for women is released for gowns. Sicilian bergamot and Moroccan cedarwood was added to perfume for making this special night unforgettable.

vera wang look perfume

Lovestruck Vera Wang for women

Lovestruck Vera Wang for women released in 2011 and in a short period it became a classic with its tone and bottle. Vera Wang’s addition of exotic tones to classic floral tones is a professional talent’s product. Leighton Meester made the advertisement and campaign took good reviews. Vera Wang Inspiring Perfumes

vera wang lovestruck perfume

Sheer Veil Vera Wang for women is a limited edition perfume of brand but it made a good success. Perfume is taking its power from Champagne rose.

vera wang sheer veil perfume

Truly Pink is released in 2006. Exotic fruits like litchi are used in perfume. Perfume is adored by smell authorities and signed as a good feminine smell.

vera wang perfume truly pink
vera wang anniversary perfume

Vera Wang Anniversary Vera Wang for women is released in 2010. Gardenia is a good discovery in middle tones and carrying this perfume to an upper floor. Also Sicilian Bergamot is a very good choice.

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