Tory Burch Summer 2012 Shoes Collection

Tory Burch Summer 2012 Shoes Collection
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Tory Burch is not only a designer and retailer, it’s a lifestyle. If someone says what upper class of America is wearing, Tory Burch will be one of the first answers. Company’s main spot is on the sportswear in 2012. Since 2004, Tory Burch reached to 800 shops all over the world. Today I will write about Tory Burch’s new shoes collection. Brand is not gone out of its way in 2012 but some new modifications are under the control of women.

tory burch high heel sandal 2012

Ballet flats became famous with Black Swan. Maybe Burch’s flats are not suitable for Black Swan movie but they are perfect for summer days. Pastel color palette used for flats are really great. Girls, you must buy one of them wherever you see.

tory burch ballet flat shoes 2012
tory burch ballet flats 2012

It’s possible to say that lots of women couldn’t find what you are searching on the heels of collection. But colorful new ideas of heels will shape tomorrow’s heels fashion. Some pastel colors like yellow are hard to suit but brown and black usage is really great. Maybe it’s hard to find shoes under 200 dollars in collection but all shoes are worth to it.

tory burch heels summer 2012
tory burch low heel pumps summer 2012

Wedges of Summer 2012 Shoes Collection are real fashion hitters. Their shape, silhouette and color choice is one of the best on 2012. Especially “Deena wedge sandal” model is entered the brand’s quickshop list in a short period. Also colorful wedges will be popular in 2012 summer.

tory burch deena wedge sandals summer 2012

Flip flops of collection are sunny and funny. Their mixture design is making them possible to wear in beach parties and some half formal nights. Especially printed sandals are a good choice for beach parties. Tory Burch’s espadrilles are not taking up a high place on 2012 collection but style of them is beautiful.

tory burch printed emmy sandal 2012

Girls, I know you are asking the prices now. Tory Burch is luxury but it’s not Prada at all. So it’s possible to find shoes under 200 dollars in Tory Burch collection. But it’s also possible to find shoes over 200 dollars.

If you try Tory Burch at once, it will be hard to change because these shoes are also famous for its comfort. Tory Burch factory is using a unique system to create all shoes. So all shoes are easy and perfectly fit to all foots. Especially sandals are very relaxed to wear every day. You may use them on the hard surfaces like sand.

Image courtesy of Tory Burch

Jenny IAN graduated from “Central Saint Martins Fashion School” as known best fashion school in the world. Then she worked for big fashion companies but her beliefs to create “the unusual” leave her from these companies. She firstly wrote on her own site then transferred to on 2012 January. She will visit red carpets all over the world and write fashion from there every week.


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