Taylor Swift and her Tattoos

Taylor Swift and her Tattoos
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Hi girls. I know you are a fan of Rock chick Swift like me. She’s beautiful and really crazy. She is one of the most popular singer and actress nowadays in America. Maybe you know her story but I want to tell again. She became popular in 14 after signed a contract with Big Machine Records. Songs like “Tim McGraw” became popular with her strong voice. Taylor Swift is also famous with her lifestyle and tattoos. She has some little permanent tattoos but she also likes to take tattoos for only her concerts. She gets concert tattoos mostly for tribute to old groups or friends.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift’s permanent tattoos are 13 in her hand and heart in her foot. These tattoos were made before Swift became famous. In an interview she said that she would erase them if sells over 2 million copies but then she gave up this idea because especially teenagers loved this simple tattoo style.

taylor swift lucky number 13 tattoo
taylor swift heart tattoo on her foot

Taylor Swift likes temporary tattoos. She has seen with different temporary tattoos on different places. Her appearance on Fairfax flea market of Hollywood was a magazine headline because she was wearing a temporary tattoo on her left arm. It’s written that ‘Tell me everything I want to hear, like it was your favorite year’. These words are from The Dixie Chicks’ award winning song ‘Favorite Year.’ Fans of her know that she has lots of influences from The Dixie Chicks.

taylor swift left arm tattoo

There’s a controversy about her permanent tattoos because she says she’s writing 13 and heart before all concerts but it’s possible to see these tattoos on all photos of her. 13 is the lucky number of swift. Because she was born in 13th and her first intro was 13 seconds. Also fans think that Swift uses the dogma of 13th number as a strange thing. She has also a heart tattoo in her foot. She draws it when she was releasing her first album. She says that if she takes the double platinum award she will get a professional one of it.

taylor swift tattoo heart

Taylor Swift’s last tattoo is a temporary one again. She chose the “Sugarland’s” popular single lyrics as “Remember me in ribbons and curls, love your baby girl,

On her last interview she said that she promised to his father and mother that she will never get real ink to her body for tattoo and it means that Taylor Swift will not make any real tattoos since she break her oath.

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