Special Homemade Beauty Recipes

Special Homemade Beauty Recipes
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Girls, we all know that all creams, beauty products and more are producing from natural items. They are extracting them in factories, maybe adding some items not natural, mixture and release. They are also very expensive. It’s possible to see lots of recipes from natural products for your skin. But I definitely have to say that never try all of them. I see lots of recipes in internet, maybe they are true in pure meaning but they are very powerful inside and definitely dangerous especially for light skins. Today, I will write you about tested recipes only. First of all, believe me that best recipes from natural products are the easiest to prepare and use ones. Let’s start.

homemade beauty recipes

I think orange scrub beauty mask is the easiest and stronger beauty mixture I have ever seen in my life. All you have to find is a half orange and 4 tablespoon of Cornmeal. Put the cornmeal to a bowl and squeeze orange into it. Mix them for one minute. Wash your face and body and apply it then. Wait for 2 minutes then rinse it. Don’t forget to moisturize your face.

Another easy recipe will help your skin being smoother while you are reading or resting. All you need is some peppermint and a half lemon. First of all pull of peppermint’s leaves thicker. Then add lemon juice inside it. Apply it to face or skin. Let it dry. Then rinse it and again apply in ten minutes. Don’t wait much with mixture on your skin.

I know you need also an easy toner. Every day I’m reading toner recipes on net but they are so confusing that a real cook needs to prepare them. So I will write you a simple and natural toner that you can use whatever you need. All you need is a medium cucumber and honey of 2 tablespoon. You may use blender or a blade to make the cucumber puree. Add water to cucumber puree’s cup and wait for 10 minutes. Take the water from cup and add honey to it. Use cotton pad to apply it skin and wait for 3 or 4 minutes. You can apply it whenever you are free. Also it’s possible to store it in refrigerator for one week.

Don’t forget that some products like lemon juice may be destructive in sensitive face. So don’t try to discover something new whatever it takes.

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