Selena Gomez in Versace at Fragrance Launch

Selena Gomez in Versace at Fragrance Launch
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Today, I noticed that I’m writing too much about Selena Gomez in last days but she’s worth to it. What a beautiful face and proportion. She’s like a utopic woman coming from future to give us lessons about fashion and beauty. We saw lots of young Hollywood stars in years. But only a few of them break the wall that young Hollywood stars don’t have to wear too short and make-up like old stars. Selena Gomez is making what her skin and face needs. So it’s very easy to notice that she’s the best young star of Hollywood.

selena gomez wearing versace 2012

She was on Macy’s Herald Square a few days ago. This is the Macy’s biggest store and fashion foxes like me knows that Macy stores don’t like young Hollywood faces in here. But Selena Gomez was such a fashion icon while standing there to introduce her new perfume that no one can ever tend to criticize her in this great Versace dress.

selena gomez fragrance launch

I don’t know where to start for such a beauty but I think I must start from the main piece. Selena Gomez’s “starfish printed bustier” is a unique face of sexy and young look. Everyone from a child to oldest loves this bustier with its special look. It’s also a signature that Hollywood stars may look beautiful with their natural breasts.

Everyone knows that matching such a unique bustier is very hard. But Selena Gomez chose such a good high-waist short from Versace Spring 2012 collection that it’s no surprise that everyone says they are a couple of dresses.

We saw lots of young Hollywood stars in such good combinations in years. I don’t know why but there were always some problems on their jacket, shoes or accessories. At last Selena Gomez broke it. Her Vanessa Bruno jacket is what this bustier and short are waiting for. Color matching on ivory is really great. Also collarless type is giving freedom to show her neck.

selena gomez giuseppe ganotti shoes june 2012

Her long and great legs are open. But such good legs always wait good shoes to be completed. In last years, I read lots of fashion advisers that say if you are wearing short for your long legs, your shoes must be colorful to give detail. But Selena Gomez’s stubborn resistance to break the rules shows itself in here also. Her nude pumps from Giuseppe Zanotti is matching not with her short or bustier but with her leg’s color and it’s one of the greatest color matching I have ever seen. Long live Selena Gomez.

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