Rihanna’s Newest Tattoos

Rihanna’s Newest Tattoos
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Rihanna is a crazy star. Almost every day, it’s possible to see Rihanna’s a new crazy behavior. Mostly families criticize Rihanna for these behaviors but she says that she’s a crazy person and no one must follow his behaviors or ideas. Today I will talk to you about Rihanna’s tattoos. She likes permanent tattoos and all of her tattoos have a special meaning. Some of them are for love, some of them are for religion and there are more others. Rihanna has 17 tattoos today and it’s going more every month. Rihanna doesn’t have a big tattoo that spread on her legs on shoulders. They are all small with deep meanings.

rihanna tattoos
rihanna foot tattoo

Rihanna’s one of the most popular tattoos is her music note tattoo. Tattoo is on her foot. Tattoo represents her love and dedication to music and symbol is made on 2006. Tattoo’s exact place is Rihanna’s right ankle.

rihanna pisces tattoo

Maybe you don’t know but Rihanna believes astrological signs and her friends have lots of strange interviews about it. Rihanna has Pisces sign on her right ear’s back.

Rihanna is not a deeply religious girl but she likes hymns. Rihanna’s Sanskrit prayer tattoo is a sign of this love. There are some news about this Sanskrit writing that means ““long suffering, truthfulness, self-restraint, inward calm, fear and fearlessness”. But it’s true that prayer is not full and it must be completed with “pleasure, pain, birth, death.”

rihanna star tattoo

A star tattoo is other tattoo in her ear. She said that tattoo is “Prison Style”. Friends said that one day she stopped in Village of NYC and get this tattoo.

rihanna arabic tattoo

There’s a Arabic tattoo of Rihanna on her ribcage. “Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh” is written in it and it means “Freedom in God”. It has a deep meaning for Rihanna and its hidden under her breast.

rihanna skull tattoo

Skull tattoo of Rihanna is on her left ankle. It’s a girly tattoo and has some trade meaning because little girls love this tattoo too much.

rihanna finger tattoos

Rihanna has also love tattoos like Love finger tattoo and Shhh… tattoo. They mean don’t touch my love life for Rihanna.

rihanna gun tattoo
rihanna neck tattoo
rihanna hand tattoo
rihanna shoulder tattoo

Rihanna has tribal tattoo on her wrist, gun tattoo on her right ribcage, “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson” tattoo in her right shoulder for giving her motivation, “rebelle fleur” tattoo which was popular on 2010, Rihannas Thug Life tattoo for Rihanna’s popular superstar, Rihanna cross tattoo for Freemasons and Rihanna butt tattoo for her crazy lifestyle.

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