Miu Miu Bags Fall 2012 Collection

Miu Miu Bags Fall 2012 Collection
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Devil wears Prada and use Miu Miu bags as accessories. Miu Miu is not an old fashion brand but it’s rising so high with the support of Prada Fashion House that it’s hard to follow. Miu Miu is taking its name from Miuccia Prada, the head of Prada. There are lots of Miu Miu boutiques in the world and I visited one of them on Florence. I loved them but it’s a truth that they are some expensive. But I don’t meet any woman refuse Miu Miu bags or accessories.

miu miu bags 2012

Miu Miu Fall 2012 Bag Collection is not new fashion. But they have their own style with perfect designs. They are perfect inspirations of 60s bags but no one will notice if a woman took them in 60s.

miu miu bah designs for 2012

One of the main features of Miu Miu bags is their print. They are not printed to be inspired from 60s. They are like coming from 60s. They have dark but bright tones suitable with cloudy fall days.

miu miu bag trends fall 2012

Firstly we have seen Miu Miu fall 2012 bags on the celebrity’s hands. One of the celebrities carried Miu Miu bag was Katy Perry. Katygirl chose a bright aqua color bag with long carriers. Gold color zip was also a good completer for such a vintage bag.

miu miu bag fashion fall 2012

Lea Seydoux’s choice was a clutch from collection. Chrome red clutch was matching perfect with her red dress and shoes. It was a tone heaven at all.

It was some problematic on 2011’s handbags and Miu Miu fixed this problem on 2012. The line was like Prada light not Miu Miu original. 2012 handbag collection is real Miu Miu style.

latest trends in handbags miu miu 2012

2011 season’s bags were some western influenced with never used details. They were maybe unusual but hard to carry or suit. Today it’s possible to say Miu Miu bags can carry and suit easily.

miu miu bag collection in autumn 2012

Miu Miu 2012 fall bags are hard to adapt first because color palette is not like modern palettes. But you will understand that colors are suitable with all dresses especially one colors.

Blue is the main color of collection. Also there are signs of red and yellow. You may also choose brown but it’s some hard to match it with a dress or jean.

miu miu bags in fall 2012

Fashionistas really criticized this problem because Miu Miu’s new handbags are mostly for old people. Their colors are hard to suit with youth’s designs.

Image courtesy of Miu Miu

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