Marni Winter Edition 2012 Accessories

Marni Winter Edition 2012 Accessories
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Yes, It’s the time to say Marni again. Girls, maybe you don’t remember the date Italian fashion designer Consuelo Castiglioni created Marni but I remember it very well. It was very exciting moment and we were looking what he will create for fashion. Marni means bright colors with unusual designs for all. I like their belts and I will start by them. But also from collars to wallets all are exciting me really high. If you are ready, let the show start.

belts of marni winter edition 2012 accessories

Belts of Marni winter edition 2012 accessories are what a fashioner dreams for all time. They are with various colors and designs. So you must accept that creating design for belts is really hard because they are in standard dimensions and color palette. But Marni is really successful on them. Cotton twill usage on belts is new and unique. But they will be best completer for night dresses or prom dresses. Two colors belts are also good for colorizing winter.

clutches of marni winter edition collection

Clutches of Marni winter edition collection is also great. They are colorful and designed on the power of youth. Red polka-dotted clutch is what I’m searching for years and it’s really inspiring. Also you can choose popular “Puppet” printed square clutch. It’s some hard to get used to it but unique style will forced you to do.

hats of marni winter edition 2012 accessories

Hats are another popular part of Marni winter accessories. Blublack color is unique. Hats are some old English style and %100 virgin wool will make your head hot for all winter. Foulards are also an exciting part of collection. They are really colorful and modern. Geometric print is a real fashion creator. Made from %100 silk and it’s very soft.

marni winter edition 2012 accessories

Collars of collection are designed with various materials. Bi-colored beads are a new feel on 2012 winter accessories fashion. Silk usage on collars is also taking to 1950s gold era.

It’s some surprising that Marni created Ipad case in its winter accessories but it’s really there. This “Paillette” print Ipad case is what a fashioner wants. Marni logo on PVC side of case is also great.

Now it’s time for prices. You must know that Marni is not a cheap brand. You must be ready to pay fashion over 200 dollars. But you can find lower if you search deeply. Whatever you buy, believe me its worth to it. Marni’s winter edition accessories are what we were waiting from this fashion creator company for years.

Image courtesy of Marni

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