Kim Kardashian’s Wedding 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding 2011
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Girls, You know Kim divorced from handsome boy Chris. Maybe you think he’s a perfect man but Kim doesn’t think like that. Let’s take a look to their story. Celebrity Kim Kardashian and New Jersey Net’s star Kris Humphries started their relationship in October 2010. After a short period, magazines wrote that Kim and Kris will marry. They married on August 20, 2011 and divorced in October 31, 2011. A two part TV program was held in E! about wedding preparations. Some journalist said that her marriage to Kris was only for advertisement and TV. There are lots of things to talk about their marriage but the wedding was the greatest part of all.

kim kardashian wedding
kim kardashian wedding pictures

Lots of things are written in newspapers for wedding. Some of them are costs as a $2 million engagement ring, $10 million jewelry of Kim, $2 million flower cost and $17.9 million cash as they earned from wedding. First thing people spoke about marriage was Kim Kardashian’s great make up. Process for Kim’s make up applied step by step. First step was skin care. Men used LA MER’s moisturizing lotion for it. Dior’s skin tone product is used for catching the natural skin tone. Skin care’s last process was Chanel Poudre.

kim kardashian wedding makeup
kim kardashian wedding ring

Eyes were the second step. For brow light brown edition of Loreal is used. Eyeshadow over it was Lancôme 5 Pan. Highlighting was the hardest move on this process. Kim wanted natural cheeks so Rose Romantique of Lancôme is used for it. Bronzing powder was the hint to make lighter face over eyes. “Highlighter of Giella’s Eye” was the last step of cheek makeup. “YSL Dessin Des Levres” was the main product for lips. Also Lancôme lipgloss is used.

Kardashian bought 3 Vera Wang bridal dresses for wedding. Dress was like a fairy story in tulle skirts and Chantilly lace applique. Her headpiece was from Lorraine Schwartz and its price was $2.5 million.

kim kardashian wedding dress
kim kardashian wedding photos

Wedding night was on California. They only called their close friends but lots of magazines were there also. They signed $500,000 contract with People for wedding pictures. 5 million people watched their marriage show in E!. After wedding, there were some rumors that Kim borrowed her some jewelry and she didn’t declined it. Some news wrote that Kim’s wedding dress war cursed. She isn’t cried on wedding but Kris Humphries was on a romantic mood. Traditional scenes were less than people think in wedding.

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