Kim Kardashian No Make Up

Kim Kardashian No Make Up
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Girls, are you ready? It’s the truth time. Today I will shame Kim Kardashian with all truth. You must firstly know that finding the celebrities without makeup is not as hard as newspapers say. Only staying on Hollywood or New York and going to walkways on morning is enough to see them. You can also try popular airports for it. But it’s true that seeing a celebrity without makeup is really upset and exciting moment because they are brilliant and perfect on TV and movies. Our target today is fashion icon Kim Kardashian. She’s maybe the one who use without makeup style for being popular.

kim kardashian without makeup

Kim Kardashian “caught” lots of times without makeup. Also she photographed herself for it several times. But her attempt not to be caught in an inconvenient situation is not successful.

kim kardashian no makeup feb 2012

She caught several times but some of them were really shocking. One of them was on 2012 February. Event started with Kim’s sending glossy and fashionable photos to Twitter. They made a big impact and all her fans retweet it. But there were also hunters read these photos different. Paparazzi understood that Kim is on her Beverly Hills mansion. And then they started to wait. Wait was over when Kim Kardashian was seemed on her white Ferrari. She seemed shocked when she caught. She went to her local gym but didn’t notice that paparazzi are following her. She was in a vest and tight black leggings. When she looked back without sunglasses, everything was on camera. She was looking old and pale. Her under eye bags were very visible. She tried to run away but it was useless.

kim kardashian without make up march 2012

Another without make photo of Kim Kardashian was on March 2012. Kardashians’ mother Kris Jenner tweeted a photo of her lovely daughter with all good intentions. But magazine world is some cruel. In photo Kim Kardashian is making a beauty sleep without any makeup. Jenner wrote “I love that @kimkardashian still crawls in bed with me… she’s still my little girl! #favoritething,” on her tweet but it was possible to see that Kim’s fleshy lips are not real. Also her hands seem very old.

kim kardashian no make up

Also she has lots of photos without make shot by her. But it’s easy to notice that Kim makes some bright but hidden makeup to hide her problematic areas. Her pose in gym and home are some of them. It’s hard to say this 31 year old girl is a mirror of real pure beauty.

Mandy Lotman graduated from “Royal Academy of Fine Arts” of Antwerp, Belgium. She took design lessons from Dries Van Noten and Kris Van Assche. After working for magazines, she decided to be free and started to write on She will write about inside gossips of Fashion world and show hidden details on celebrity dresses.


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