Jessica Alba great Tattoos

Jessica Alba great Tattoos
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I’m a real Jessica Alba fan. I watched all of her movies and appearances in TV. I remember her first appearance in TV with Camp Nowhere. It was 1990s first period. Jessica was a little girl and her family let her play on this movie with the name Jessica Marie Alba. Maybe she was not today’s Jessica in 90s but 2000s made over her a great achievement. Sin City and Fantastic Four made her a real Hollywood star. he made lots of interviews about her lifestyle, family and ideals. She likes answering the fan questions and one of the main questions is about Jessica Alba’s tattoos. SAlba always says that her family is catholic and she promised not to make tattoos.

jessica alba roses tattoo

She took so many requests for tattoos so she decided to get some ink and temporary tattoos. She wrote some words to her arm and at last she’s seen with a huge rose tattoo on the set of her last movie A.C.O.D. This tattoo took so much review on forums so Jessica Alba forced to make explain for it. Her new movie is about a family and she’s a girl with communication problems. So tattoo is about her crazy young ages.

jessica alba wrist tattoo

Another famous tattoo of Jessica Alba is her wrist tattoo. She doesn’t like to show it but magazines like it. Her wrist tattoo is a word on the Sanskrit language. Word written on wrist is “Padma”. Padma has a special meaning on Hindu life but Alba explained it in English with the words “Lotus Forever”. Lotus flower has a symbolic meaning that beautiful body comes from beautiful soul. Lotus flowers grow in muddy waters but they tear up the mud and grow as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Alba fans believe that Jessica Alba decided to get it after a problematic relationship.

jessica alba neck tattoo

Jessica Alba also had a neck tattoo. But she removed it. It was daisy and ladybird. No one knows why she removed it but magazines wrote it that she made the removal progress with laser. It’s believed that she wanted to change her appearance totally because when she was erasing her neck tattoo, she also changed her hairstyle and hair color to red.

jessica alba bow tattoo

There’s no signs that Jessica Alba will get new temporary or permanent tattoos but some magazines reported that she took a date from famous tattoo artist Luis Favela for a new tattoo on her back.

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    ahia June 18, 2012 - 09:50

    well said and written! Thanks so much

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