Japanese Nail Art

Japanese Nail Art
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Japanese nail art become famous with Hollywood starts choose. From Katy Perry to Fergie, all fashion hitters tried it and took good points from fashion authorities.

katy perry japanese nails

One of the most popular Japanese nail art type is Japanese 3d nails. You know 3D is 2012’s trend and it’s possible to see it in nails now. Japanese 3d nail art has two categories. One of the categories is Yuki Series. Yuki Series give a real classy feel with some pink and romantic details. Women from 15 to 35 can use it very easily. They are subcategories of Yuki Series as Royal Hime Styles, Kawaii Sweet Styles and Elegant Styles.

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Kumi style of Japanese 3d nail art is some darker than Yuki style. There are two subcategories of it as Cute Devil Styles and Mysterious Dark Series. Kumi style is enriched with nice crystals and these crystals are making the style classy ever.

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You may but Japanese nail art materials from internet. There are lots of sites about it. But there’s an important detail on buying Japanese nail art that some products are painting with hazardous chemical dyes so they can be dangerous. So it’s very important to choose the safe ones.

hello kitty japan nail art

Another popular Japanese nail art type is Hello Kitty. This Japanese cat means fun and purity for girls and also women are using it as accessories. Hello Kitty in nail is one of the most powerful trends especially in Japan and America.

japanese 3D nail art

There are some famous Japanese and English brands creating trendy Japanese nail art products. One of them is Ardell. Ardell’s nail art products are mostly known as doing thin jobs of nail art. Beauty Nailer is another famous Japanese nail art products retailer. Beauty Nailer sells its products in a set and it’s possible to find all of you need for creating beautiful Japanese nail art in this bags.

EzFlow produces some new technics and new products for Japanese nail art every year. So it’s very easy to create unique nail arts with brand’s new products.

ez flow nail designs

Nuban brand is famous for its trendy collections. Brand’s 2012 collection has lots of different products for creating unique Japanese nail art for all women. Especially Liquid Metals collection is popular in Japan for creating nail art. You can choose natural or shining colors for nail art. Main trend is dark and natural colors for 2012 but especially Japan girls like natural ones also.

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