Hottest Bob Hairstyles of 2012

Hottest Bob Hairstyles of 2012
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I’m one the decision period like you for Bob hairstyle. They are not like curly or some similar so you must be sure that your face is suitable for bob hairstyle. Today I will tell you about popular hairstyles of 2012 so you can choose one of them easily. Bob hairstyle was born from obligation in World War 1. All coiffeurs were on the war and the ones left were cutting the hairs expensively. Bob hair cut was easier to make on home with a friend’s help. Also women had to join workforce because it was economic crisis era and working women had to be seen more professional like men. In first years of bob hair, women didn’t regard to suitable face types. But today it’s very important to use the bob hairstyle with a good jawline and neck. Bobs suits best with short hair also there are curly bob styles.

Super angular bobs are one of the most popular bob hairstyles in 2012. Keira Knightley started the angular bobs with her short back and long front bob cut hairstyle. Coiffeurs than changed this style to A-line style. In USA this bob hairstyle is called as “graduated bobs” and used mostly for prom nights.

angular bob hairstyles 2012

Mussy Bob is another popular bob hairstyle of 2012. Mussy bob became popular because it’s easier to create and looking natural than other bob hairstyles. Only a hair dryer and some scrunching is enough for Mussy bobs.

mussy bob hairstyle 2012

Long Bob is popular especially for women over 30. Offsetting the jawline is very important for Long bob. Front cuts are some longer than standart bob but they are hiding the forehead.

long bob hairstyles 2012

Blunt bangs became firstly popular for European movie actresses then spread to whole world. Bang trims are the key note of this type of bangs. It’s some easier to create this style at home.

blunt bangs hairstyle 2012

Jaw-length bob is also popular but it’s not for all face types. Katie Holmes has the perfect face for jaw-length bobs and she’s using bobs perfectly.

katie holmes hairstyles 2012

Rihanna’s sideswept bangs are unique. They are some riot and funny. But it’s hard to use it in social life of business life if you are not a Rihanna.

rihanna side swept bangs

Sophisticated Bob hairstyle mostly prefers by over 40 year women. They are loose but stylish. Sophisticated Bob is giving the feel of a good coiffeur work but also it’s not a overworked one.

bob hairstyles 2012
layered bob hairstyles 2012
medium bob hairstyles
short bob hairstyles 2012

Choppy Bob hairstyle is firstly used by older Hollywood actresses and today it’s possible to see it on some over 60 actresses mostly. Choppy Bob’s secret is based on lesser cuts.

choppy bob hairstyles 2012

Shoulder-Length Long Bob is what a round faced women must try. This kind of bob is simple but also sexy. But women must be careful because this kind of bob is showing the face longer than ever.

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