Guess Perfume for Women

Guess Perfume for Women
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A good and unique perfume searching is taking an important part of our lives. Big perfume market only had products of famous perfume producers’ in 80s. But in 90s, important fashion and sport brands started to release new perfumes with their own name. This period continued in 2000s. Famous clothing brand Guess is maybe some late for releasing its own perfumes but Guess perfume for women is a legend till the day it released in 2005. After 2005, Guess released lots of different perfumes for women and men. They are popular ones inside this catalogue like Guess By Marciano, Guess Seductive and Seductive Sunkissed. One of the most popular perfumes released by Guess is “Guess for women”. Perfume firstly met with testers in 2003 and released in 2006. Pink transparent bottle of perfume is not a special one but authorities liked it. 125 ml EDT is only available size also there are deodorant and bath collections of it. It’s possible to see green apple and bergamot in perfume’s top notes. Also red berries and musk are the deep notes of perfume.

Guess By Marciano Guess for women is another popular perfume of Guess. It released in 2007. Lots of unique materials are used in perfume like Curacao orange liquor and cardamom. Floral tones in middle are making the perfume long lasting one. Fans don’t like the perfume bottle.

guess by marciano perfume

Guess Gold Guess for women is the more floral type of Guess for women perfume. Citrus is added to opening tones for a stronger start. Also rose is used in middle tones for giving the feel of usual.

guess gold perfume

Seductive by Guess is brand’s 2010 perfume. Bergamot that is used for opening tone is really great. In middle tones it’s possible to see jasmine and African flower of orange. Vanilla as main note is some softer than fans are waiting.
Guess Seductive I’m Yours Guess for women is like the summer perfume of Seductive by Guess. In this perfume, Guess tried more woody tones. It was a real oriental mix and lots of fans like it. Passion fruit in opening notes was a great discovery.

guess seductive perfume
guess pink perfume

There are also women perfumes of Guess released in 2011. They are Guess Seductive Wild Summer and Seductive Sunkissed. Guess Seductive Wild Summer is a good mixture of woody and floral tones. Seductive Sunkissed is created on grapefruit and similar tones. Also violet as base tone was a good discovery for this perfume.

Jenny IAN graduated from “Central Saint Martins Fashion School” as known best fashion school in the world. Then she worked for big fashion companies but her beliefs to create “the unusual” leave her from these companies. She firstly wrote on her own site then transferred to on 2012 January. She will visit red carpets all over the world and write fashion from there every week.


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