Guess Accessories Spring / Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Guess Accessories Spring / Summer 2012 Ad Campaign
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I am a die heart of accessories and I am among those girls who cannot stay without them, definitely we need novel things to wear on new cloths and we cannot be so backward to use those old accessories that we left much time before and whose fashion is completely out. Every year new fashion embarks on the screen of world and people have to follow that in order to stay up to date and in order to make themselves modern and epic. I personally just love collecting accessories like watches, bracelets, shades and jewelries and if they are from luxurious brands like Guess than definitely I can go crazy for them. Every year on my birthday I just demand accessories and my parents know that I love Guess material so they gift me that and trust me without having that Guess accessories I don’t consider my birthday as a birthday. Well, it’s not just of me but it is for many people too who love Guess as their top most brands and love to wear every novel thing but it. Guess Accessories Spring / Summer 2012 Ad Campaign
guess accessories campaign 2012

Do you love branded things?

Do you love branded things? Or are you a type of person who loves wearing luxury brands? If yes than surely Guess would be in your top list that has got an essence of luxury things and that really is a matter of pride for you in wearing every accessory belonging to this brand. This is a logic of every brand that they launch their accessories and their specialties in different seasons like in winter they would produce accessories that would go great with cold, in summer they would create soft and cool accessories to give you cool and good feeler and in spring they create such accessories that would go perfectly with theme of spring and would give you a great and pleasant touch wearing them.

guess accessories spring summer 2012
guess handbag trends spring summer 2012

Watches for both man and woman

Guess, like other brands has also launched its spring collection that is simple a wow thing to wear. Guess has launched cool handbags for ladies, exotic sunglasses and shades for man and woman, watches for both man and woman, cool perfumes for both man and woman and jewelries for woman. This time Guess has done something really special by making everything in pastel color that really gives a spring like feeler. This time Sandrah Hellberg, a Swedish model has endorsed Guess brands where she has done marvelous shoots for ladies handbags, clothing, watches, jewelries and sunglasses. She has done many shoots for tracksuits, party wear dresses, cocktail dresses and simple strapless and cool dresses to give all women a special spring touch.

guess sunglasses trends spring 2012
guess watches for men and women 2012

Guess is an eminent brand that gives away pride to every person wearing its outfits and accessories and this time the collection is simply beautiful to wear. I would purchase at least one spring accessory of Guess as definitely being a girl I too want to look exotic and beautiful, yes, Guess spring collection really would make you feel and look Bold, Beautiful and Exotic. 🙂

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