Gucci Shoes for Kids 2012

Gucci Shoes for Kids 2012
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Girls, we were some unlucky because we met with fashion on older than today’s children. Today it’s possible to see lots of important brand’s products for children like Gucci’s shoes for kids. It’s easy to believe that what Gucci makes is fashion. Brand’s shoes for kids are both comfortable, healthy and trendy at all. Gucci Shoes for Kids 2012

gucci shoes for kids

Baby lace-up trainer shoes

Gucci’s shoes start from baby days. Baby lace-up trainer shoes are perfect for introducing children with fashion and good design. Suede trim and brown leather are good details for such nice shoes.

gucci baby lace up trainer shoes

Ballerina flats to lace-up booties

If your child is growth with Gucci’s baby shoes, it’s now time to wear toddler shoes of brand. It’s possible to find from ballerina flats to lace-up booties in Gucci kid shoes collection. If you want your toddler to be both fashionable and in comfort, you may choose driving shoes with horsebit details will be best for them.

gucci ballerina with horsebit detail

Don’t worry about your child’s finishing toddler era. She’s now a junior with great expectations and trying to learn everything she sees. Maybe you chose for her on baby and toddler period but it’s now time to choose her own shoes. And she doesn’t like whatever she sees.

gucci toddler shoes for kids

Gucci’s shearling boots

First show her Gucci’s shearling boots. These boots are what a junior cannot wait. Pink Suede is what your child will feel special with. What your child will wear in rainy or snowy days is another situation. Gucci has special boots for this environment. Gucci junior boots has signature details that make these shoes luxury.

gucci shearling boots for kids

Slip-on ballerinas in Gucci

You think now that what your child will wear in daily life. Gucci has also a solution for it. Slip-on ballerinas in Gucci catalogue are best for daily walk.

gucci slip on ballerina for kids

Gucci kid shoes collection price range is between 350 to 2000 dollars. Details make this difference on prices. Also visible Gucci signed shoes are expensive than others. Another important feature of Gucci shoes is their fabric and dye. Gucci uses totally natural dye for all shoes so your child is secured while using these shoes. Also Gucci is giving a guarantee for shoe usage but this guarantee is different for different countries.

gucci driving shoes with horsebit detail

It’s possible to choose between 150 shoes of Gucci Kids collection. Some people think that wearing so fashionable in early ages is useless but fashion awareness is a very important thing and it must be kept on early ages. It’s possible to see it on yesterday’s child stars to today’s iconic Hollywood girls.

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