Fendi Fall 2012 Handbags

Fendi Fall 2012 Handbags
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If you love handbags, you also know Fendi. It’s one of the first brands when topic is handbags. This Italian fashion goddess is selling fashion since 1923 and she’s now released her 2012 fall handbags. Girls, today I will talk to you about Fendi’s new fall handbags. So you will be ready for fall. You know Fendi always loves shows on runways but some handbags are not shown on these podiums. Today I will talk about all the handbags of Fendi.

fendi fall 2012  bags

One of the most powerful things hit us on Fendi Fashion Night was Fendi’s fall handbag’s versatile style in modern look while lots of brands are need to be out of versatile while they are trying modern shapes. Medium sized tolls and little brand logos are what we missed for years. Also colors were very wide but stylish. So it will be easy to match them.

fendi bag printed in fall 2012

Whatever it takes, Fendi is a high fashion brand and they have to create some over fashion things. White and black fur handbags of podium were the result of this need. But white crocodile trim was a good detail on these handbags. Shades are an important sign of Fendi Fall 2012 handbags. Handbags’ shades are neutral and bright. It’s possible to see that Fendi tries to create silhouettes for these handbags and it’s successful. Maybe it’s hard to love some details like fur and metal but brand is a professional to match all.

fendi fall winter 2012 bags

Maybe you think that Fendi is a brand only possible to see on the most luxurious wardrobes but you are wrong. There are lots of option on 2012 Fendi handbags.

fendi handbags fall 2012 collection

Fendi Fall 2012 handbags another unique and new side is designs. Fendi doesn’t follow flower print fashion of 2012. New handbags are a feel of 1800s retro with their antique figures.

fendi totes bags fall 2012

Biz zippers and zip pullers are easy to use. But it’s possible to say that so big zip pullers are some dangerous because it’s very easy to take them back. Yes Fendi handbags are mostly for special parties but you may also need to use them on streets.

new fendi handbags fall winter 2012
unique fendi handbag designer fall 2012

Fendi’s color palette is not for deep reviewing. They are very classic but hard to match with all dresses easily. In runway night, we couldn’t find anything to write about handbag colors but it’s possible to say red and black color’s usage style is really good anyway.

Image courtesy of Fendi

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