Bulgari Fall 2012 Handbags and Clutches Collection

Bulgari Fall 2012 Handbags and Clutches Collection
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Women are really angry because we are waiting a new and amazing handbags and clutches campaign for years. Lots of companies released their catalogues but they were not amazing or new. I think now the wait is over. Bulgari Fall 2012 Handbags and Clutches are on the hands. Bulgari is really a unique company who know what women wait and combines them in its products. What women are waiting from handbags and clutches in recent years is safety and wealthy touch together. Also some creative and vibrant details are what we were waiting and Bulgari made them real.

bulgari handbags fall 2012

What I want to speak first for Bulgari Fall 2012 Handbags and Clutches is Bon-ton bags. Maybe you think these types of bags are stayed in history but Bulgari’s new collection really backs them to life. First of all, jade green was the color of 50s but it’s the natural and wealthy color what we are waiting for years. Bon-ton bags of collection are good in inside and outside. Pockets like key ring, cell phone and open pocket is what we need for daily use. Also these bags are good with detachable pendants and enriching materials.

bulgar clutch fall 2012

It’s also possible to see really elegant clutch bags in Bulgari Fall 2012 Handbags and Clutches collection. Outline enriched with striped satin and magnet closure are making this clutch bag a really nice one. Also zipped pocket inside is really important for easy usage.

bulgari handbags collection pre-fall 2012

One another important category of collection is “”I. Rossellinihandbags”. Using pearled calf leather makes these handbags really unique and authentic. Twist lock is also very important and what women are waiting from a daily use handbag. It’s looking pure outside but very useful inside with lots of zipped or open pockets for mobile phone, key rings, notebooks and more. Bulgari also produces these handbags in large size so it’s easier to use.

bulgari bags pre-fall 2012

One another assertive clutch from Bulgari Fall 2012 is “Eden” day clutch. Light gold calf leather is making handbag a real classic. Also gold plated hardware is giving a pearl effect to bag. Maybe removable shoulder strap is not a main requirement for this bag but it makes more useful. It’s possible to find a mobile phone pocket, a zipped pocket and an open pocket inside this small clutch. Bulgari released also the large version of this clutch but standard version is really easier to carry and use.

Photo courtesy of Bulgari

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