Best Prada Perfumes for Women

Best Prada Perfumes for Women
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Girls, Prada is a chance for our era and we must use this chance whatever it takes. Today, I will talk you about Prada perfumes. Yes, Prada is successful on what it produces and perfumes are one of it. Prada is selling fashion since 1913. In years, they entered the different categories of fashion from car interior to fragrances. Prada’s perfume selling started on 2003. First they started with single focused smells but then we saw their professional perfumes. I decided to write this article when I firstly smell Prada’s new fragrance “Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue” five minutes early. So my first perfume review will be about it.

prada infusion d'Iris eau de parfum absolue
prada perfume infusion d'Iris

Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue” is the last member of Prada’s “Infusion d’Iris” series. This is the most oriental and richer edition of series. Tunisian neroli is the main and unique note of perfume and it’s mixture with orange blossom is a really great discovery. Madagascar vanilla is also a new discovery on this perfume. It’s possible to find 50 and 100 ml bottles of it.

infusion de rose prada for women
infusion d'Iris eau de toilette prada for women

Infusion de Rose Prada for women” is the former perfume of this series. It’s a special smell created from Bulgarian and Turkish roses. Peppery mint is used to make the roses’ smell deepest. Bottle of perfume is classic but easy to carry. Also there is “Infusion d`Iris Eau de Toilette Prada for women” version as cheaper version of series.

prada amber perfume
prada intense perfume
prada tendre perfume
prada candy perfume

After “Prada Amber” in 2004, “Prada Intense” in 2005 and “Prada Tendre” in 2006, women waited for the new fragrance of this series. And wait is over with “Prada Candy”. “Prada Candy”’s main note is definitely caramel. Also benzoin and musk are main notes. “Prada Candy” is not a discovery mixture of new smells. It’s for women who want to smell good without any tries.

leau ambree prada for women

Prada’s another popular fragrance on the market is “L`Eau Ambree Prada for women”. It’s a good mixture of popular smells on the market. Only unique smell is modernized amber and it makes the fragrance different than classics. Amalfi lemon and patchouli are also other main notes. Vanille is used as base note and it’s giving a long resistance to perfume.

prada infusion de tubereuse perfume

Prada’s perfumes are not high priced like their dresses or accessories. It’s possible to buy popular Prada perfumes under 100 dollars. If you love Prada perfumes you can also try “Infusion de Tubereuse Prada for women” but it’s not popular as others.

Jenny IAN graduated from “Central Saint Martins Fashion School” as known best fashion school in the world. Then she worked for big fashion companies but her beliefs to create “the unusual” leave her from these companies. She firstly wrote on her own site then transferred to on 2012 January. She will visit red carpets all over the world and write fashion from there every week.


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