Best Halloween Nail Art

Best Halloween Nail Art
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Halloween is coming girls. I started to afraid again from jokes, angry ghosts and more. I will close my doors and windows, wait till it goes away. But inside my home will be funny and exciting. I’m preparing great Halloween nail art for me and today I will share them with you.

halloween nail art
easy halloween nail art
halloween nail art designs

Now, the first one and my number one. Stain on the toxic. This is a chaotic and scary Halloween nail art. It’s only two colored and easy nail art. Base color is the most important part for creating the toxic effect. Opaque lime green is best for it. A thin coat of it is enough. Don’t forget to cover it with thinner neon shade. Now it’s the stain time. Stain must be like ooze. Use a darker black. Make small points and spread them like water drops. Wait for oozing some and try to dry fast. I used Milani Neon in Totally 80s for green for neon, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Green With Envy for base green and Milani Nail Art Precision Brush Black Sketch for black.

skull nails for halloween
zombie nails for halloween

If you don’t like the ooze or you want more scary things, you may try my Fangs recipe. This Halloween nail art is easier than ever because it has no base tone. If you want you can use a natural color to make your nail some darker with natural style. Now it’s time to put some Dracula Fangs. Use a thin brush and make two triangles over nails. Make them short because you need some place to put blood on them. Last move is blood. Point some red over white’s edge and wait for spread but be careful to spread them like blood clot. I used OPI Holiday 2010 Nude for base but you can use some similar because it’s some hard to find. Hurricane Thin Brush is great for Fangs and blood.

dracula nails for halloween
blood nails for halloween

If you don’t want to work on painting Halloween nail art, you may use stickers easily. They are cute and cheap. Don’t forget that stickers like laughing skull is old fashioned. Try to find something different like black cats. Try to use classic objects with different colors. Try to find stickers that making your nails like Halloween cookies.

black cat nails for halloween

If you are a real fashion maniac and you want to create your own fashion for Halloween day, use this year’s fashionable flowers. Change them as suitable with the spirit of Halloween day. Use some scary flower stickers.

Jenny IAN graduated from “Central Saint Martins Fashion School” as known best fashion school in the world. Then she worked for big fashion companies but her beliefs to create “the unusual” leave her from these companies. She firstly wrote on her own site then transferred to on 2012 January. She will visit red carpets all over the world and write fashion from there every week.


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