Best Beauty Secrets for Teenage Girls

Best Beauty Secrets for Teenage Girls
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Hello ladies. I know you read millions of articles about beauty and make-up. And you are tired of reading same advices with some elusive material. I’m also tired of reading them. Today, I will write you some basic and easy truths about beauty. Ok, we are starting. But before start-up I have to say something. Real beauty comes from inside. Firstly you must learn to laugh with real joy. If you are laughing fake, everyone will understand it. So there’s no definite recipe of beauty, you know. It’s a cliché but real that beauty is what people feel about you. But don’t forget that little secrets may change everything. Ok, let’s start.

First of all, you are a teenager and you still don’t have any effect of gravity, bad air or similar on your skin. So you don’t have to hide all the problematic things with hard make-ups. Acne problem is what all teenagers see for thousands of year. So don’t try to hide them with deep foundation. Believe that a hard and deep foundation on acnes are not showing the acne worst, also feeding it inside. Try tinted moisturizers or light powders. No one will shock when they see acne on your face but they will be surprised when they see hard foundation on your face. So ladies, don’t give anyone something to speak about your skin.

Another important thing is moving eyelids and lips. They need real movement but we only use them while looking, saving our eyes or eating. Try to move your lips and eyelids when you are resting or watching TV. It’s more important than using some creams or more for making them more sexy and young.

Maybe it’s not written on the beauty tricks lists ever. But every female’s first product to use it sunscreen creams. Don’t think it’s rainy or foggy etc. Sun lights come thoroughly to your skin. So it’s the biggest thing kills skin and makes people uglier than ever. Every day use it as a first cream.

Another important thing is cleaning the nails. Maybe people don’t notice but they are touching to their skin for hundreds of times in a day with their nail. It’s for itching, cleaning, cracking knuckles and more. Every time you touch your skin with dirty nails, millions of bacteria go through your skin. So try to minimize your nails and keep them clean.

Last advice is that go to doctor. Especially go to dermatologist. Your skin is expensive than anything. You may wear a coat only one year but you will wear your skin for all your life.

Mandy Lotman graduated from “Royal Academy of Fine Arts” of Antwerp, Belgium. She took design lessons from Dries Van Noten and Kris Van Assche. After working for magazines, she decided to be free and started to write on She will write about inside gossips of Fashion world and show hidden details on celebrity dresses.


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