Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Angelina Jolie Tattoos
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Who in the world doesn’t know Angelina Jolie? The owner of sensuous lips and sleek body has hit the Hollywood within no time. Most paid actress Angelina Jolie seems to spend her all amount over luxurious tattoos that her body possess. She must have broken the World Record for having 15 tattoos on different parts of her body. These actresses can do anything for fame and topmost thing they love to do is the sketching of tattoos which may be very painful but not for them and they rather feel proud of such tattoos. Following is detail of Angelina Jolie tattoos:
angelina jolie tattoos

1. Between Shoulders:
She has got a Gothic tattoo that says “Know Your Rights” between her shoulders and it is her favorite song that made her sketch that tattoo or maybe she wants people to know their rights.

angelina jolie between shoulders tattoo

2. Left Shoulder:
She has sketched a Buddhist chant on her left shoulder to keep herself and her adopted son Maddox away from all bad creatures and bad luck. She must be a good mother to think even for her adopted son.

angelina jolie buddhist tattoo

3. Right Arm:
All these actresses believe on Arabic words and same justifies Angelina’s right arm tattoo which is written in Arabic language and it means “determination”.

angelica jolie right arm tattoo

4. Left Underarm:
She has got a roman number 13 tattoo on her left underarm may be she doesn’t have faith in superstitions but she enhanced that tattoo and sketched V MCMXL more on the same place to remind herself of Winston Churchill’s speech.

angelina jolie left underarm tattoo

5. Left Arm:
She has also got the tattoo on the left arm of her body that says “a prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages”. This tattoo is very special for her as she got it before her mother.

angelina jolie left arm tattoo

6. On lower back:
She got a tattoo on a lower back one day before her wedding with Johnny Lee Miller somewhere in 1995. This tattoo is the sign of good and it says “what nourishes me, destroys me”.

angelina jolie on lower back tattoo

7. Right Wrist:
Many people are inspired of rune style tattoos and Angelina Jolie is one of them who has got it sketch on her right wrist and is often seen clearly when she waves her hands for her fans.

8. Geographical Tattoo:
She has sketched a geographical tattoo on her body that gives longitudes and latitudes about the area from where her all children came.

angelina jolie geographic tattoo

9. Lower back:
It is a tiger type tattoo on her lower back that ends till her ribs. This big tattoo is made with a needle in Thailand and she sketched it announce for Cambodian citizenship to the world.

angelina jolie dragon tattoo

10. Left Arm:
She must be in sincere love with her husband Billy Bob as she sketched a tattoo of his name along with Asian dragon tattoo. She removed it immediately after their divorce after making 5 visits to removal clinic.

angelina jolie billy bob tattoo

11. Lover Back:
She had a tribal dragon on her lower back but now it is covered due to the arrival of tiger tattoo that she got sketch at Thailand.

12. On Hip:
She once got a dragon shaped tattoo on her hip which is now covered with the cross shaped tattoo on same place.

13. Left Shoulder:
This was the first tattoo on her body and was written in Japanese that meant “death” but now she removed it to have that Buddhist chant for her adopted son.

angelina jolie japanese tattoo

14. Left Arm:
She had Japanese style tattoo that meant “courage” but she removed it because it was same like her husband Jonny L. Miller.

15. Right Arm:
It had abstract lines tattoo and now Arabic tattoo has replaced it.

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