Adriana Lima Without Makeup

Adriana Lima Without Makeup
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Yes girls, we all know lots of models are nothing without make up. Professional makeup artists are working on their face for hours and making them perfect. But when they caught paparazzi without makeup, people are hard to recognize them really. Yes, there are lots of actresses and models who can’t go their own garden without makeup but there are also models with natural beauty. One of them is really Adriana Lima. This Brazilian beauty has a really special face. Yes she’s sexy with makeup and all men are mad for her. But she’s also beautiful without any makeup. Only difference is that she’s like a little girl without makeup.

adriana lima without makeup

She made a great encouragement in 2007 Victoria’s Secret runway and she called all the magazines to her makeup room. She was waiting there without any makeup and what magazine men are waiting was falling down because she was great without any makeup. She posed and lots of magazines photographed her.

adriana no make-up

After these photos made a big impact, she has again seen without makeup. At this time, she photographed herself in a gym. In the first photo, her face was some red, some fans said it was some sunburn but she later explained that it was because of running fast. In another photo, She was also without make up and she was looking great with her headphones. She was some sweaty and this made men fans of her really crazy.

adriana lima without makeup 2012

After that own photography, she joined a project with famous models like Rosie Huntinghton-Whiteley, Karolina Kurkova, Laetitia Casta and some others. All photos took bad critics because face of these top models was under the standard. But only Adriana Lima took good critics because she was looking beautiful in these photos.

adriana lima lax airport no makeup
adriana lima no makeup

She’s now going to casual nights and restaurants without any makeup. In an interview, she said that hard makeup is making the face so bad that nothing can repair its harm. I believe that she will be beautiful in her 50s or 60s still. I’m feeling she’s the new Heidi Klum of fashion area.

adriana lima street style no makeup
celebs without make up

There are also some proofs of my idea about Adriana Lima. First of all, it’s possible to see in her without makeup photos that she has still no visible under eye bags. Also there’s no sign of plastic surgery on her face. She has only problem with her big teeth but I think it’s a small operation to fix them but she’s waiting the right time only.

Jenny IAN graduated from “Central Saint Martins Fashion School” as known best fashion school in the world. Then she worked for big fashion companies but her beliefs to create “the unusual” leave her from these companies. She firstly wrote on her own site then transferred to on 2012 January. She will visit red carpets all over the world and write fashion from there every week.


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