1950s Revolution in Fashion

1950s Revolution in Fashion
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How are you girls? In today’s world, every change is calling as revolution. But there were real revolutions in the history besides political ones. One of them is fashion revolution in 50s. World was in economic crisis after 50s and it was not possible to find money for tailors to order dresses and also it was very hard to find tailor because of war. This problem triggered the fashion revolution of 50s. You grandfathers and grandmothers will remain 50s as the born years of ready to wear clothes. Factories started to produce clothes and dresses with automatic machines and their products were standard with the same sizes and same fabrics. In the first years of 50s, people don’t like these products because all of them were same and they are not giving any feel of real fashion. 1950s Revolution in Fashion

After decades that people wore dresses with their own measurements, it was some fool to wear dresses with standard sizes. But there was a big economic crisis and people had to wear them.

1950s fashion

There were new and cheaper materials as fabrics in 50s. Most popular ones of them were nylon, polyester and acrylic. They were looking so cheap and unfashionable but their feature to clean easily with new released washing machines was a good chance for economy. 1950s Revolution in Fashion

fashion in the 1950s

First of all, dresses produced with white nylon fabric were released. But it was such a bad product that lost its color and turned to yellow in sun. After this problem, polyester started to use and it wasn’t changing to yellow in sunny days. People noticed very late that materials like nylon are causing cancer.

1950s fashion for women

Because of women doesn’t like nylon or polyester ever, companies used the weak side of women. They created dresses that show the breasts high and big and the legs thinner. Coats, jackets, the Chanel Suit, trousers and skirts were the popular dresses of women. Gloves were the symbol of 1950s women fashion.

1950s dress fashion
1950s womens gloves

For men fashion, everything was on the dark colors. From ties to jackets, it was a dark area. Gray Flannel Suit is the symbol of 50s for men. Daily life wear of men in 50s was mostly in the cardigan sweater. Against dark colors of business life, men started to wear colorful shirts at social life. Pink shirts were very popular.

1950s mens fashion

Men were wearing like cowboys in the popular hunt parties. Hats were the symbol of men on 50s. Men didn’t like the new types of accessories and they used old clocks. It was hard times for men and women, girls. So don’t miss the chance to choose from Mango now..

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